Amy Kirkbride

"My style of teaching is grounded. I like to keep it real. The most important part of a yoga practice for me is creating a connection to the body and getting out of the busy mind so this is what I like to help people find for themselves. I love to work in a physically therapeutic but fun way. I also offer Yoga Bodywork - helping people to let go of their physical and emotional tensions through touch/massage. I have been practicing yoga for 15 years and teaching for 7 years.

As well as teaching yoga I work as a Horticulture Therapist so I spend a lot of my time tending to gardens and helping other people through this medium- helping to develop a connection to the land around them as well as to each other. I'm a keen climber and love to hike, ski, run and generally relax outside."


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Jayne Eldridge

Jayne has been practicing yoga for over 10 years and teaching hatha and hatha flow for 4 years.

She gained her foundational teaching qualification at the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Kutir in Uttar Kashi; nestled in the mountains of Northern India. Her classes vary in style from gentle restorative hatha to dynamic flow and are suitable for beginners to intermediate practitioners. She is passionate about yoga specific to sport- yoga for runners and yoga for climbers (being a keen runner and climber).

Jayne continues to develop her professional skills in regular trainings with world renowned yoga teachers. After graduating with an Outdoor Studies BSc at the University of Cumbria, she is now based in North Wales with her husband and two dogs. Jayne is passionate about trail running, the environment and health/wellness. She is currently pursuing an MSc in Food Security and Climate Change. She enjoys and promotes an active and healthy lifestyle.

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Jools Eldridge

Our experienced and qualified mountain leader Julian Eldridge will be assisting on the guided trail runs.

Katy Nelson Coaching

Endurance athlete and coach Katy Nelson will be available for coaching during the retreat. She specialises in open water swimming, cycling and running. Katy is also a qualified mountain leader and will also be guiding some of our runs. You can find out more about Katy 

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