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Winter Trail Running

At The Yoga Trail, we love winter trail running! Waking up early and running in the dark, watching the sky turn pink and golden, the crunch of frosty terrain beneath your feet and the heat generated in your body as you climb higher and go further.

Morning colours in January. Jayne Eldridge© photo

Rosie and Jayne running on an early winter's morning in Snowdonia. Greg Cain© photo.

Granted, it’s not always like this. Sometimes you’re on a ridge and it’s blowing a hooley, you gasp for breaths and your lungs burn in the cold air. Your feet are wet from the boggy ground below and your eyes are watering. But then you change direction, perhaps on the downhill, and you have the wind at your back… you fly down the mountain or forest singletrack into the valley below towards home, towards warmth and comfort. What fun to be had with just a pair of shoes!

Perhaps you are out in the elements, it’s lashing down and you need to keep moving to stay warm- these are the experiences that test us, challenge us. Getting muddy and wet makes you enjoy your cup of tea and warm bath or shower afterwards. You truly appreciate the little things- being dry, sitting next to the fire, with rosy cheeks and endorphins high. Running with friends on trails through forests or over mountains… this is what we value at TYT. Experiences that make us feel alive, that connect us to nature, each other and ourselves.

Approximately 1 in 15 people suffer from SAD (seasonal affective disorder) in the UK during the months of November-March. Running in the outdoors, in nature and preferably with company is an effective way to stave of the ‘winter blues’. When you exercise, your brain releases endorphins, serotonin, adrenaline and dopamine- all of the ‘feel-good’ chemicals that encourage a positive perspective and reduce stress. Beyond the ‘runners high’, running in winter is also great for getting out of the house and into the fresh air; avoiding the winter hibernation. You may even get the opportunity to see some winter birdlife with less leaves on the trees!

Ellie and Jools on the Yr Aran ascent. Greg Cain© photo.

Running adventures don’t need to stop in the colder, darker months. Find an appropriate route for your experience level and weather that day. Put on some winter running shoes, wear waterproof and thermal clothing, bring snacks & water, pack a headtorch, gloves, buff, phone, map & compass and emergency kit such as first aid kit, spare batteries and bivvy bag. Don't forget to have fun!

Please visit the Retreats tab on our website to book onto our Winter Trail Running & Yoga Retreat – March 2019 (fun, guided group trail running adventures in Snowdonia National Park ft. workshops, daily yoga, sauna and healthy nutritious food all incl.).


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